Home Inspection Checklist

This printable home inspection checklist will help you inspect your home before you hire an…

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This printable home inspection checklist will help you inspect your home before you hire an inspector. Next time you are looking at homes, print out a copy of this list and take it with you. As you walk the property, check off the items as they come up.

If you think the house has potential after making your own initial review, call us to request an appointment. We will have a certified home inspector visit the home and provide you with a comprehensive home inspection report.

home inspection checklist


  • How old is the home? What year was it built?


  • Is the yard flat? Will water drain towards or away from the house?


  • How is the covering? Is it cracked or damaged?
  • Is there any termite damage in the wood?


  • Does it have a door opener? Does it work?
  • How many cars will it fit?


  • How old are the shingles? When were they last replaced?
  • Are there gutters and downspouts?


  • Do the ceilings or windows have water stains?


  • Is there a crawlspace? What about an attic?


  • Are there any cracks in the walls inside or out?
  • Is there an obvious shift or settling in the foundation?


  • Do all of the lights and fans turn on?
  • Are there any smoke detectors?


  • Do you see any water under the kitchen or bathroom sinks?


  • Are the countertops cracked?
  • Do all of the cabinets work?


  • Are they included?
  • Do they all turn on?

This home inspection checklist PDF will save you time and money. Find out if the home works for you before you make an offer. After you have done a walkthrough, have us do a professional home inspection. We will cover your property from top to bottom and answer any questions you have on-site. That same day, we will give you a full-color report of the home.