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Home Inspection in Irvine CA

You’ve found the perfect home and your real estate agent just told you that you need to have it inspected. Now you may be thinking to yourself “why do I need a home inspector? I just looked at the home three times and I am absolutely sure that this is the one!”. Well we are happy that you have found a house that you love. But before you sign the purchase contract consider some reasons to have a home inspection in Irvine CA.

Irvine Home Inspection Reasons

The average price for a single family residence in the city of Irvine is nearly $745,000. For a tiny fraction of that cost (actually less than .05%) you can avoid thousands in home repairs. For around $300 we will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report of the entire property. This will include a detailed review of the foundation, structure and roof. Can you afford a new roof? Have one of our professionals take a closer look at it by climbing in the attic and looking for leaky roof tiles, damaged flashings or water damaged rafters that may have been overlooked.

Have you fully tested all of the appliances? Did you run the dishwasher through an entire cycle? Does the water heater have a faulty pressure relief valve? In 1/10 of the inspections we perform we find recalled appliances. These could be hazardous to the health and safety of you and your family. Our home inspections include a RecallChek of all major appliances. If we find that any of them are on the national recall database you will qualify to have them repaired or replaced at no cost.

Does your home have a raised foundation? Have you gone into the crawl space to look at the plumbing beneath the kitchen and bathrooms? Or perhaps the property is slab on grade and your sewer line is running in the slab. Is there a slab leak? Do not buy a house until you have a certified home inspector with the right tools check your waste line. Unexpected repairs could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars. Get your Irvine home inspection and find out if your dream home is actually a nightmare.

New Homes Need To Be Inspected Too

While it is true that Irvine has some of the newer communities in all of Orange County this doesn’t mean the home you’re looking at doesn’t need to be inspected. Many of the planned communities, condominiums and tract homes were built within a short time frame. Even in brand new homes it is common to find that builders often cut corners or skip finishing some of the finer details.

Insulation missing from heating ducts, bathroom sink hardware uninstalled, exhaust fan vent pipes left disconnected are all things that have been found after new construction was completed. At OC Home Inspect our inspectors are trained to examine every area of the property and identify safety issues, code infractions and proper functionality. Do not pass on paying for a property inspection just because the home is fairly new.

Protect Your Investment

Your home is most likely the biggest and most important purchase you are going to in your entire life. Consider a home inspection to be part of the cost in deciding if you have selected the right one. Our goal is to help you feel confident about the decision you are making by informing you about any issues the home has. Every home will have issues. Hopefully the one you’ve chosen doesn’t have any major ones. Let us come check it out and we will provide you with a report the same day. The inspection report will include a detailed review of the condition of the homes major components. All mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems will be inspected. And an overview of the structural stability and soundness of the property will be provided as well. Any issues that we will find will be documented in the report with full color pictures and remediation recommendations.

Your home inspector will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the report and will also help you get acquainted with the functionality of your new home. He will walk you through working all of the utilities and inform you on how to work systems such as heating and cooling, pool and spa or outdoor sprinklers.

Irvine is a great city to live in and we hope you find a wonderful home. Before you decide to buy allow us to make sure you have found not only a beautiful home but also a functional one. For more information or to Schedule an Appointment call 714-478-3324 today to speak with a friendly staff member.

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